The Pandora Hearts Kink(-ish) Meme!

Okay, this here's a kink meme! You know the drill! Only... it's actually okay if you want to request/write/draw gen or non-porny pairing fic, because hey, the PH fandom is kinda small, right. 8D;

WARNING: As I'm sure you can tell from the description, this is anything goes, so if you're bothered by the prospect of stumbling over something disturbing, turn back now! And you should turn back if viewing sexually explicit material isn't legal for you, etc., etc.

♘ Prompts/fic/art must be about Pandora Hearts. (Crossovers are fine).

♘ Prompts may be filled with either fic or art.

♘ Be as nasty or as vanilla as you please.

♘ Anon is on, IP logging off, for you people who don't want to own up to your shenanigans.


eta: If you are getting captchas, um, sorry! I don't know how to get it to stop! I deliberately set it to no captchas but I still got a captcha. ?_?

eta #2: rokusasu13 did us the favor of making an index! Look at phkink_index for easy access to all requests, sorted by filled and unfilled.

ATTENTION: I am not actively watching this comm any more, but I am still here and will attend to problems if any arise. Just let me know by PM or whatever if anyone starts causing trouble, spamming, or you run out of comment space and need a new post, etc., etc.


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